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Child Custody Archives

Mom's breast cancer supports court's controversial custody ruling

A ruling that was recently handed down by a judge in an out-of-state family law case has received a lot of attention due to the implication that the health status of a parent can play a substantial role in determining which parent will be granted custody. The case involves a divorce and child custody battle between a healthy father and a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Under the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, judges are permitted to take numerous factors into consideration when determining child custody decisions. Among the relevant factors are the physical and mental health statuses of the parents. However, the court's ultimate purpose is to determine custody matters in accordance with the best interests of the children.

Should public opinion matter regarding child custody trends?

Sources report that a new study related to family law will be published in this month's Psychology, Public Policy, and Law journal. The study reportedly reveals the U.S. public's perception of and hopes for the family law system in regard to child custody decisions.

Did pastor help in same-sex child custody kidnapping scandal?

We have discussed heated child custody battles on this family law blog before. And usually, those involved in such family law dilemmas are only parents. But in a child custody case that has garnered national attention, a pastor is now required to testify in court, as he is suspected of wrongdoing surrounding the kidnapping of a child.

Comedienne Roseanne doesn't think child custody dispute is funny

We are used to seeing funny lady Roseanne Barr with a big smile on her face. A current family law dispute between her and her ex-husband, however, is nothing to smile about. Barr is actually suing her ex, alleging that he has violated the confidentiality agreement that the two of them reportedly made when finalizing their child custody agreement.

Sheen's home raided; child custody agreement settled

In our March 2 post we discussed Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife's newest drama. For a while since their breakup, it looked as though the couple was working well together throughout their divorce process. But apparently, Sheen's recent antics had inspired a change of heart in Brooke Mueller.

Child custody dispute interrupts Sheen's other dramas

When he played "Wild Thing" in the hit Major League, casting directors likely had no idea how wild Charlie Sheen's life would turn out. Wild, in fact, doesn't even cover the events of the actor's life over the past year alone. And it looks like the crazy nature of the year has resulted in the most recent drama of the star's highly-publicized life.

Federal plan to protect U.S. soldiers in family law court

United States military men and women serve the country to protect our best interests, so why shouldn't our government work to prevent their best interests while they are risking their lives? That is what certain lawmakers are asking in regards to family law decisions made based on service members' demanding military careers.

Halle Berry and ex's child custody dispute winds down

A few weeks ago, we shared a post about Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and a family law issue she's involved in. She has a young daughter with her now ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. While the couple's split last year might have gone smoothly, when it came to finalizing the terms of child custody, things got a bit rocky for a while.

Host of "Top Chef" contest in own battle over custody of daughter

Former model and current "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi might not be as accustomed to the competition the challengers face on the hit Bravo show, but it sounds like the time for her to fight has come. Rather than fighting for the title of "Top Chef," however, Lakshmi is in the fight for the title of primary parent.


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