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Spousal Support Archives

Being prepared for a Texas divorce: What to do?

In many cases, the decision to divorce is a culmination of past events, but there is still much to consider after spouses decide to end a marriage. If there is significant marital property, which in Texas we call community property, then the divorce may involve the complex division of assets.

Former couple battles for 12 years over spousal support

While never entirely easy, divorce can be a straight forward, quick and relatively-amicable process. However, it can also be incredibly messy. One out-of-state divorce definitely falls into the incredibly messy category, as the litigation surrounding the settlement has persisted for the last 12 years.

Women's success in the workplace affects spousal support norms

For decades, women have fought for equality in the workplace and beyond. The fight continues, though there has been significant progress for women to achieve the success that they want in their lives through education and employment.

Reformers push for modifications to alimony laws

In Texas and many states across the country, alimony laws are long-established and attempt to ensure the support of one spouse after a divorce. But many states are considering and embracing reforms to those laws. Advocates of the changes argue that alimony laws as they currently exist are outdated and do not reflect the nature of modern day marriage and divorce.

Understanding the tax implications of divorce

Everyone knows divorce can be sticky emotionally, but the economics of divorce can get tricky too, especially when checks are still being written to an ex-spouse after a divorce is final. Depending on how the money is allocated, there are different tax implications for both the recipient and the payer. As part of a divorce settlement, a family law court may ask one of the spouses to pay spousal support (aka alimony), child support, or both.

Former "Real Housewife" cheats and could pay for it in divorce

In our last post, we discussed celebrity divorce and how infidelity can mean great costs to those who stray outside of their marriage. Just about as soon as the post was published, it seems like the scandalous story about Tareq and Michaele Salahi showed up in the headlines.

New alimony laws spread, reflecting changes in U.S. culture

When couples go through divorce, the court will typically require one spouse to pay alimony to the other. The purpose of these payments is to ensure that the lower earning spouses can maintain the same standard of living that they enjoyed during the marriage.


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