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Chris Brown wins joint custody of daughter

Child custody is not an easy issue for parents to deal with because they don't always agree on things. What one parent may feel is fair, the other may not agree with, which may lead to the courts deciding for them. While parents may depend on the courts to make a decision that is in their favor, it is something that doesn't always happen. This could leave parents angry, bitter and eager to continue to engage in a battle for custody they may lose again.

Seek joint custody of your child

People often assume that when two parents are divorcing and there's a child involved that only one parent will be awarded custody. There have been many cases in the United States where the courts have seen one parent as the better option and awarded them sole custody of the child, but joint custody is also an option. Depending on the type of relationship two parents have and how they want to raise their child, they may be able to agree that joint custody is the best option for a number of reasons.

Courts deny woman custody of child following divorce

Child custody cases can be an emotionally trying experience. Parents who have divorced may already have anger toward each other and when they need to find a custody arrangement that works for the both of them, neither party may want to cooperate, which will lead to a judge deciding for them. In any couple, same-sex or opposite-sex, when the two decide to have a child, they may be under the impression that they both had parental rights, but in some cases this is inaccurate.

Seeking sole custody of your children

When parents have children, one of their main priorities is to keep them safe and properly care for them. This is why when parents seek to obtain custody of their children, courts decide to examine a parent's ability to do these things before they award custody. Parents often go back and forth on who the children should live with or who should receive sole custody or visitation, but depending on the situation one parent may be seen as the better fit.

Kelly Rutherford fails to return her children to their father

Child custody is something that parents may not always agree on. With this being the case, it is not uncommon for both parents to engage in heated disputes over who will get custody of their child and whom they will live with. After this dispute is resolved, and a child custody order is in place, it should be taken seriously by both parents, as there is the chance of one or both parents being reprimanded for not adhering to the custody order.

Why you should draw up a parenting plan

The issue of child custody is one that causes parents a lot of stress. On top of having to deal with a marriage ending, a decision must be made about who the child or children will live with once things have been finalized. For some parents, the decision may come easy, as one may be more available and willing to care for the children, but it is not uncommon for both parents to want an equal share in the responsibility of raising their child.

Parents could lose child custody due to medical child abuse

When parents are awarded custody of their children, it is important that they properly care for them. In some cases, this means getting their child treated for their illness or taking them to the doctor when there's a serious health issue. Many parents may feel as though they are making a smart decision when getting help for their children's medical issues, but they should be careful because the decisions they make about their children's health could get them into trouble.

How a child custody attorney can help with your case

When two people are divorcing, they may experience disputes over many things, but when there are children involved, child custody may be considered more important than anything else. Even though the parents should be focused on what is best for the children, it is often difficult for them to agree on an arrangement because each one may feel they are the better choice. If this happens, the parents may find themselves in court, where each will have to prove why they are the ideal parent for their children to live with.

What is fixed visitation?

Child custody disputes can quickly turn nasty, especially if both parents are seeking sole custody of their child. Even though both parents have a preference of what type of child custody they want, the courts don't always consider the desires of the parents. In fact, it is not uncommon for one parent to have sole custody and the other to only have visitation rights.

Why you should hire a child custody lawyer

When getting divorced or ending a domestic relationship where there are children involved, the discussion over child custody, or conservatorship, will follow. The start of a child custody dispute may call for the help of a Texas child custody lawyer. In that case, attorneys at the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler are available to assist those in the Houston area who are in the midst of a custody battle.


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