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Paternity test shows lawmaker not woman's biological father

When biological parentage is denied or otherwise in doubt, emotions can run high. These situations may involve a mother who is seeking support from a man who denies that he is the father of a child. Or, in other cases, a man wants to exercise his parental rights but isn't being allowed to do so. And sometimes neither parent knows what the true situation is.

Father to be reunited with his child after painful custody battle

Child custody is a contentious issue for both married and unmarried couples. In other instances, disputes surrounding child custody can also occur between adoptive parents and biological parents as well. Whatever the circumstances, a family law attorney can serve as an advocate for an individual looking to protect the best interest of a child.

Father seeks custody of child deceitfully adopted

A member of the Army and his wife were living in Texas when his wife discovered that she was with child. The couple attended doctor visits together and the father was excited to have another child. The drill sergeant accepted a position out of state and then martial discord ensued. The wife mentioned the possibility of terminating the pregnancy or giving the child up for adoption, but the father would not consent to those things. The wife was supposed to move to the state he was in after giving birth.

Houston surrogate fights for parental rights

In the immediate moments following the birth of a child, parents may look across to each other with tears in their eyes over the precious gift that just came into the world -- the months of pregnancy and the pain of labor are quickly forgotten. It is highly unlikely that in such a tender moment, parents would look across at each other with contempt in a mutual effort to keep the child. Usually, those glances of disdain are saved for the courtroom when the relationship has soured and a child custody battle is proceeding.

The need for paternity tests is not rare

When some think of paternity tests, they might think of the scandalous TV show Maury, in which he's always consoling distraught mothers over their fears that they have identified the wrong man as the father of their children. But the need to verify paternity doesn't just exist in the daytime TV world.


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