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Does divorce mediation make sense for you?

Not all divorces need to generate a storm of bitter litigation. While not everyone can just sit down and come up with an agreement that works for both parties, you may wish to explore alternatives that fall somewhere in the middle. Divorce mediation, in particular, is gaining popularity for divorcing couples in many states, including Texas. Some counties even require couples to try mediation before litigating.

Do Texas parents always seek the best interest of their children?

In some situations, divorcing parties may feel like they want to run in opposite directions forever and never look back. However, when children are involved, this is not a feasible plan. Child custody arrangements can be some of the most contested and complex aspects of a divorce in Texas or elsewhere.

Dramatic Gibson-Grigorieva split comes to less-than-dramatic end

Think back to before the crazy rants of Charlie Sheen became the center of the limelight. Do you remember the audio recordings of superstar Mel Gibson that his ex-girlfriend shared with the public? It's been a short but drama-packed relationship between Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, but it now seems that the drama has fizzled out.

Is Putting Off Divorce Clever or Cowardly? Part 1

An all-star cast portrayed a family in the 2009 film "It's Complicated" that was navigating its way through being a family of divorce. An ex-husband, ex-wife, new wife and potential love interest all crossed each others' paths and made for lots of awkward moments and laughs.


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