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Texas grandparents fight for custody of infant

Custody battles can be fought between varying parties on a wide spectrum of relationships in courtrooms across Texas. On this blog we have detailed instances of former spouses fighting for custody of children post-divorce, unwed parents of children battling for their parental rights, biological parents fighting against potential-adoptive parents, and sometimes grandparents or other extended family members fighting for custody of a child.

When grandparents get caught up in divorce and child custody fights

Being a grandparent is a truly special role for many parents out there. Grandparents can be a huge help to their adult children and their families, watching the grandbabies and often paying for certain items and opportunities. No parent wants to think that their child will ever be divorced. And no grandparent would want to think that the end of a marriage would mean the end of their relationship with their grandchildren.

Grandma's love inspires fight in Texas for grandparental rights

Becoming a grandparent is joyous for most grandparents. Although they have raised their own children, grandparents continue to have a vested interest in what goes on in their grandchildren's lives. Often times, when there is a situation where children cannot stay with their parents, it is the grandparents who step in and care for the children, keeping them out of foster care and helping them retain a family connection.

Parents of Murder Suspect Get Guardianship over His Children

Earlier this past summer, the media covered an ugly homicide case that involved a producer of the hit TV program, "Survivor." His wife's dead body was found in a Cancun sewer in April, and speculation began that the husband was responsible for her death. The homicide case is still pending, and in the meantime, the murder suspect is living with his parents - and his two young children.


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