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When fathers haven't seen their kids in a long time

When you are a father and have been unable to see your children in a long time, the first moment you get together can be uncomfortable for one reason or another. The children may be angry that you have not visited them even if it wasn't your choice, or they might be battling the mixed emotions of happiness and confusion.

Strengthening the father-daughter relationship following divorce

All parents want their children to be happy. The largest stressor for most parents in Texas in contemplating whether or not to end a marriage in which the parent is no longer happy is often the question of how it will impact the children. Divorce is never entirely easy for either spouse or for the children. Further, child custody is often the most contentious aspect of many Texas divorces. But a divorce does not have to be ugly, and does not have to mean children that will grow up to be unhappy.

Father to be reunited with his child after painful custody battle

Child custody is a contentious issue for both married and unmarried couples. In other instances, disputes surrounding child custody can also occur between adoptive parents and biological parents as well. Whatever the circumstances, a family law attorney can serve as an advocate for an individual looking to protect the best interest of a child.

Mother seeks visitation modification for dying child

In Texas, there must be significant evidence that there is a substantial change in circumstances which would necessitate the modification of an existing child custody or visitation arrangement. It can be difficult to obtain such a modification, particularly if an individual is attempting to do so without experienced legal counsel.

DNA paternity proof can now reverse parental rights in Texas

Until recently, child support orders had been relatively difficult to reverse. However, under a new Texas law enacted this year, men will not be obligated to pay child support if a DNA paternity test can prove that they are not the father of the children in question.

Fathers' Rights and Faith: Did Religion Affect Custody Decision?

A recent child custody case involves a father fighting for his rights not only as a parent of three, but as a United States citizen who feels his constitutional rights have been violated. According to a USA Today piece, a judge recently made a ruling in a child custody case that's left the father at the losing end of the decision disappointed in the system.

Why Paternity Didn't Matter in Texas Child Custody Case: Part One

It is general knowledge that courts have often favored mothers in family law disputes involving the wellbeing of children. But a move toward protecting fathers' rights has been on the rise and worked to award more fathers the chance to care for their children after being given a fair shot in child custody cases.


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