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Houston man finds out wife has 3 other husbands

Some divorces can be finalized in the absence of litigation through a no-fault divorce, which means that the couple agrees on every issue regarding property division, children, debts and everything else pertaining to the end of the marriage. However, this is the exception rather than the norm as most splitting couples disagree on significant issues relating to a divorce.

Houston judge says surrogate is mother

Typically questions of parenthood, and any ensuing rights and responsibilities, hinge on paternity. Rarely is there a question regarding the rightful mother of a child. However, this blog recently detailed a Houston custody battle ensuing between a man and a woman regarding twins born in July of this year, and the question of whether or not the woman that birthed the twins had parental rights.

Considering the financial impact of a divorce

Divorce has become an accepted norm within our culture as about half of all marriages will end in this manner. Many people think primarily of the emotional toll associated with a divorce. However, a divorce will absolutely impact a splitting couple financially as well. Many newly single individuals will want to live the same lifestyle they had when they were married, but as one woman from Houston that divorced said, "We both were making money. We both were working full time." In the event of a divorce, a significant amount of resources will not be available to an individual any longer.

Houston surrogate fights for parental rights

In the immediate moments following the birth of a child, parents may look across to each other with tears in their eyes over the precious gift that just came into the world -- the months of pregnancy and the pain of labor are quickly forgotten. It is highly unlikely that in such a tender moment, parents would look across at each other with contempt in a mutual effort to keep the child. Usually, those glances of disdain are saved for the courtroom when the relationship has soured and a child custody battle is proceeding.


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