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How to handle visitation when parallel parenting

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Family Law

Following a divorce, you and your partner have to decide how to split time with your children. If you have a possession order, this refers to the time one parent has to spend with the kids. For example, one parent may have possession on weekends and holidays or every other week.

If you choose a parallel parenting structure, you may not have much contact with your former partner. Many parents choose parallel parenting because it lets them put their children’s needs first while reducing conflict with their former partners. Fortunately, there are ways to limit communication and still handle visitation responsibly.

Choose a pick-up and drop-off location

Choose a neutral place to pick up and drop your kids off. Many parents choose parking lots, parks or other public spaces where their children can safely exit one vehicle and enter the next. If necessary, you can have someone with you to bring the children to the other vehicle.

Stay true to the schedule at all times

Try to stay on schedule as often as possible. Make a point to have your kids when you have custody and to drop them off on time for your partner. If you have other family arrangements, plan them around when your kids are present.

In addition to staying on schedule, create a plan for when one of you needs to go off schedule. For example, if you have a family reunion or an emergency on the other side of the family, put into the parenting plan how to handle those situations.


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