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How can I test for a mental disability during my divorce?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Family Law

Going through a divorce could be a scary time. Even if your divorce settlement grants you spousal support, you may worry about your ability to sustain yourself without the income of your former spouse. In fact, you could have a mental disorder that hampers your efforts to earn a living.

According to Texas law, a judge can extend your time to receive alimony if a physical or mental disability does not allow you to earn an income to sustain minimum reasonable needs. An important step is to prove you suffer from a mental disability.

Initial steps to diagnose your condition

You may experience problems such as a lack of concentration, depression, extreme emotional states, or social anxiety. To obtain evidence of your condition, you could visit a health professional such as a doctor or psychiatrist. You may have to undergo a mental health assessment to figure out what you suffer from and if you have any prospects for improvement or recovery.

Tests to assess your condition

WebMD explains that testing for a mental problem can involve different methods of examination. Generally, you will answer questions both verbally and in writing, and also undergo some tests. Common steps include the following:

  • A physical examination
  • An evaluation of your mental state
  • Filling out a mental health history
  • Describing personal background
  • Cognitive tests

A combination of these exams could help you learn the nature of your condition, including whether your disability will permanently impair your ability to work. Having a copy of your test results may be crucial if you must prove to a judge that you need extended alimony due to your disability.


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