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How do you claim alimony in your taxes?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

Alimony payments serve as a common part of divorce for many couples in the state. They often happen because of a large gap in income between the parties involved.

These payments may come in permanent, rehabilitative or temporary forms. Whatever the case, they are tax deductible.

Getting Form 1099 for your ex-spouse

Sapling discusses the steps you need to talk to claim alimony in your taxes. You can claim all payments that you made over the course of the year on your tax forms. The spouse receiving payments will also have to claim these payments as income on their own tax form.

Many of the spouses who receive payments do not know that they also have to involve taxes. When filing for your tax return, be sure to request a Form 1099 from the IRS and request that they send it to your ex-spouse.

Form 1099 alerts your ex-spouse to the fact that you are claiming alimony payments on your taxes. It lets them know that they have to report things from their end, too.

Other information about alimony and taxes

If you also pay child support payments, know that these are not tax deductible. You should remember to deduct any child support payments made from your tax return report.

Alimony money that you pay voluntarily is also not tax deductible, i.e., alimony payments made without the court ordering you to do so. You also need your spouse’s Social Security number in order to officially and legally claim deductions.

If you lack this information or falsify your deductions in other ways, the IRS may deny the deduction and fine you.


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