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What do I do if my ex will not let me see my kids?

As a noncustodial parent, you want to see your kids, but when your ex makes it difficult, you may wonder what you can do.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, children are twice as likely to live with a single mom than with a single dad. The courts want both parents involved in their children’s lives. Sometimes, one parent prevents the other from seeing the children. In such situations, noncustodial parents like yourself have the right to see their children. Here are some things you can do.

1. Try to communicate with your former spouse first

Even if you have argued in the past, communication is the first vital step you must take. Try to talk with your former spouse without getting angry. Stay calm and speak in a logical way. Remind your former spouse that the court wants what is best for your child, including a relationship with both parents.

2. Remind your ex of potential consequences

The court may rule that your ex is in contempt of court for refusing you visitation. Your ex could even go to jail. Gently remind your ex of these consequences.

3. Clear up any misunderstandings

Your former partner might be angry because of past miscommunications. For example, you may have brought the children back at 9 p.m. when your ex wanted them back at 7 p.m. Clearing up a misunderstanding could ease the conflict.

When communication does not work, you may need to use the court system to protect your parental rights and reconnect with your children.


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