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When can you modify your custody agreement?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Child Custody

Sharing custody of your children might be one of the biggest challenges of a divorce. As time progresses and situations change, you may find that your initial custody arrangement no longer works.

Changes to your original agreement can maintain its effectiveness and benefit for everyone involved. When you understand the circumstances for requesting a modification, you can determine your next steps.


A common reason to request a child custody modification is when you move. Changes in your career, a debilitating illness or educational pursuits might create a need to relocate your family. If you share custody of your children, you will need to request a modification to approve the changes.

The courts will assess your reason for needing to move and determine whether or not to proceed with a modification. Timing of the process could take days in situations where you and your ex can amicably reach an agreement. However, a contested modification could take much longer to settle.


If you remarry, you might not want to maintain the same custody arrangement you formerly did. In this situation, you may need to change the frequency or duration of visits. Adjustments to new family dynamics could also impact your children’s experience of sharing time between homes.

Other reasons you could request a modification include domestic violence or the death of a parent. The Texas State Law Library also says that you might request a modification if your ex refuses to comply with the initial order.  The courts will scrutinize your request. As such, you should file a request for modification well in advance of the time you anticipate the changes going into effect.

Having a valid reason to change your agreement and presenting supporting evidence may help you to achieve the best outcome for yourself and your children.


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