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Regaining custody rights in Texas: A short guide

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Child Custody

If you’re trying to regain child custody rights in Texas, there are steps you can take that may help the process along. You may assume otherwise, but the state works with individuals who help themselves.

Evaluate the past and learn from it

Life is complex, and everyone weathers rough seasons along the way. If your child custody hardships are linked with a dark period in your life, secure the help needed to overcome any struggles or addictions that may be keeping you from your child. The court looks kindlier on people who acknowledge their faults and work to fix them.

Five things that may help you regain custody

To secure a custody modification to regain your parental rights, consider following the five pillars of accountability and responsibility. They include:

  • Working amicably with others. Whether you need to deal with your ex or the foster care system to regain custody, be pleasant and accommodating.
  • Making the most of what’s given. If you have visitation rights, don’t blow off scheduled meetings. Demonstrate that you’re enthusiastic about being part of your child’s life.
  • Documentation. Keeping good records is another way to show that you’re on a responsible path. If your documents are organized, it’s an indication that you’ve got yourself together. Moreover, documentation may help in court.
  • Following court orders. Closely adhere to all court orders. A single misstep in that department could scupper your custody fight for good.
  • Requesting an evaluation. Regaining custody requires an at-home evaluation. In most cases, a psychologist conducts the assessment and gives the court an updated snapshot of your home and personal progress.

Losing custody rights can be traumatic. Sometimes, working with a family law attorney who knows the ropes can be therapeutic, and it may help you regain custody sooner than you would on your own.


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