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What are a father’s guaranteed rights as a parent?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Family Law

Each year, thousands of married couples decide that it’s time to get divorced. If you and your former spouse have children together, it can get understandably confusing to understand your rights as a parent. Fortunately, each parent has certain rights regarding their children. Here’s more information about the guaranteed rights you have as a father in the state of Texas.

A list of rights you have at all times

Unless you get limited by court order, you have several rights. You should always have the right to:

  • Receive information from a child’s other parent about the welfare, health and education of a child
  • Speak with the other parent about a decision that concerns the welfare, health, or education of your child
  • Access your child’s medical and educational records
  • Talk to your child’s physician, psychologist, or dentist
  • Speak with a school official concerning your child’s welfare
  • Attend school functions
  • Be one of your child’s emergency contacts
  • Give consent for your child to receive emergency medical treatment
  • Manage an estate for your child

Your rights regarding sharing information

It’s also important to note that noncustodial parents have the right to ask for information. This information includes anything about your child’s health, welfare, or education. You can also face potential charges for not informing the other parent if you move or change phone numbers.

There are times when a parent would not have to tell a child’s other parent about any address or phone number changes. This often happens when a marriage has a history of domestic violence.

As you can see, every parent has certain rights after a divorce takes place. If you feel that your rights as a father are getting violated, it might be time to contact a family law attorney.


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