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Fathers’ rights could be impacted by changes to Texas law

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Blog, Family Law

In Texas, child custody cases are often seen as favoring the mother. For many fathers, it is an uphill battle to be given equal custody. It is important to be aware of current family law along with possible changes to the law that can impact a child custody determination.

Bill seeks to change Texas law and grant equal custody

Fathers who are hoping to have equal custody are hindered by the law for custody and possession that dictates the split be 75/25. A new bill wants to change that to an even split. One father avidly pushed for a custody arrangement that would give him what he felt was fair time with his children. After a decade, the split wound up as 45/55 with him receiving the lesser amount. The proposed bill would benefit people like him.

Some lawmakers are opposed to it, and time is a factor. Proponents of 50/50 custody advocating for fathers’ rights extol the benefits of equal time for children and parents. In addition to it helping families practically, it may also help them financially as it can potentially reduce conflict and limit the cost by avoiding extended legal disputes. Those in opposition suggest that it may be too taxing on the child for a 50/50 arrangement to be successful. For people concerned about fathers’ rights, this issue should be watched closely.

Complex custody cases may require experienced guidance

Regardless of the outcome of this proposed new law, fathers should be aware that they have the right to seek as favorable a custody arrangement as they can get. When a case gets complicated, it is easy to become frustrated, especially from a father’s perspective. For assistance from the start, it is wise to have professional advice.


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