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3 tips for helping your children through your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Family Law

When you married your spouse, you likely never envisioned getting divorced, but this is a common event for many couples. According to Time, after you get married, your chances of eventually divorcing lie at approximately 39%.

If you have children, you may worry about how they will cope with the process and the way their lives will change. Here are some tips for helping your children through this period.

1. Keep your children out of it

Whenever you see your spouse, it is tempting to talk about the legal aspects of your divorce. Some of these discussions may even become heated or emotionally charged. Refrain from talking about the logistics of your divorce in front of your children, especially if you anticipate conflict.

2. Minimize disruption to your children’s routines

Try to keep your children’s routines as normal as possible as you go through the divorce process and after. Limit changes, like a big move or a switch to a new school, as much as you can. If you do need to make major changes to your children’s lives, do so gradually.

3. Support your children’s relationships with your spouse

You may have negative feelings towards your spouse and not want your children to see him or her. Try not to let these emotions get in the way of your children’s relationship with their other parent or let them implicate child custody proceedings. Do what you can to ensure your children still get to see and spend time with your ex.


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