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How can you deal with a spouse acting maliciously?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Divorce

When going through a divorce, stress can often cloud good decision-making. 

The frustration of fighting over child custody may cause your spouse to try to make legal custody harder for you by purposefully misleading you. Both men and women can instigate this behavior, although the original name for it was malicious mother syndrome. 

Unwanted interactions

According to FindLaw, these actions put a strain on fathers in particular, who are more often the breadwinners of a family. In some cases, a spouse may lie about the availability of food or medical supplies in order to cast you in a negative light. 

He or she may also hide information about school activities or other important events on purpose, so that you appear to be neglectful. In reality, you may not be aware of any of these dates until they have already passed. The alienation from this unwanted involvement then strains your relationship with your children. From false accusations of abuse to destruction of property, your spouse’s actions are a pattern of child abuse. 


Although these incidents can range from fairly innocuous to dangerous, they can impact divorce and child custody proceedings. Your spouse may even lie to your kids about you in order to keep up this negative portrayal, which then impacts court hearings. Children may then express a wish to not live with you. 

Changing your custody arrangement or seeking third party help for your spouse may be one way to prevent any further problems. Adjusting legal visitation rights can prevent your spouse from interfering further with you and your children. 


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