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Tips for finding a good marriage counselor, Part 1

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Divorce

Many couples these days seek out marriage counseling. It is a good solution if both people are committed to working on and salvaging the relationship. In recent years, the marriage counseling business has boomed, leading to a multiplication of counselors with a wide-range of specialties. With so many options, how can you find a reliable counselor at an affordable price?

The first place you should look is your health insurance policy. Many health insurer policies offer coverage for counseling. Sometimes coverage is tied to one of the spouses suffering from a diagnosis but not always.

Another good place to find affordable counselors are at universities. Many universities offer marriage counseling for free or at significantly reduced rates. Granted you will likely be paired with a graduate student who is learning the ropes. But don’t worry, these students are well-trained before they work with patients and all of them are under the supervision of an experienced and licensed professional.

In a similar vein, non-profit organizations often offer marriage counseling at reduced rates. Non-profit organizations operate similarly to universities. Highly educated people are studying or working to get their licenses, and they work under an experienced professional.

As illustrated above, even finding the right marriage counselor is complicated. If you are considering divorce, you should call a lawyer at your earliest convenience. Family law attorneys can advise you on the various legal and emotional issues that will come up. You don’t want to go through a divorce on your own; an attorney can help you.


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