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Fathers have rights before birth

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2016 | Paternity

The media typically portrays fathers as having no rights and the courts as always siding with the mother. Once upon a time, this may have been true but it isn’t any longer. Fathers have just as much right to raise their child and participate in his or her life as the mother. But, what happens when the mother puts the child’s life in danger before he or she is born? Do fathers have rights to protect their unborn child? This article will go over this situation and how it may apply to you.

The health of an unborn child is intimately tied to that of the mother. If the mother is sick or unhealthy, the baby is as well. Unborn babies rely on their mother’s bodies for security and sustenance. That is why you see so many books that discuss pregnancy diets and the effects that various foods can have on developing children.

Unfortunately, this also means that unborn children are very vulnerable to their mother’s choices. If a mother decides to drink or take drugs while pregnant, it is very likely those substances will make their way into the child’s body. The law varies from state to state but the majority of states do have child welfare protection laws.

These laws require healthcare workers, and allow concerned parties to report prenatal drug and alcohol abuse. This kind of abuse can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other conditions. Signs of this abuse may even necessitate an intervention by child protective services. It could also serve as grounds for a father to assert primary conservatorship over a child. Fathers may even press charges against the mother if the child is harmed.

Fighting for your child’s rights is an admirable endeavor. If you find yourself in a custody dispute with your partner, then you may want to contact an attorney. An attorney can review your facts and documents to ensure that everything is ready for court filings. These actions can be complicated and often time is of the essence. An attorney ensures that your arguments are heard in a quick and efficient manner.


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