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Ex-wife of ‘Glee’ star demanding $94K in monthly alimony

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Spousal Support

Although same-sex marriage is not allowed in Texas, many gay and lesbian residents long for the day when they can marry and receive the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples. However, this equality may not be so welcome when it comes to divorce. Any marriage can lead to divorce – and alimony payments as well, as “Glee” star Jane Lynch can attest.

Lynch and her wife recently divorced after three years of marriage. Although Lynch claims the divorce hasn’t been dramatic so far, she may be singing a different tune after she hears about her ex-wife’s recent request. The psychologist is demanding that Lynch pay her close to $94,000 a month in alimony.

Being a successful career woman herself, why does she need so much money? She claims that she wants to maintain the lifestyle she had while being married to Lynch. She also claims that Lynch’s assets and income have grown dramatically in recent years as “Glee” has gained popularity. Because the two were married at the time, Lynch’s ex-wife believes she is entitled to part of her earnings.

Although this exorbitant amount of money would upset many people, Lynch has appeared nonchalant about the money in recent interviews. She understands that California is a community property state, and her ex-wife is entitled to her fair share.

Knowing that Lynch’s former spouse can fully support herself with her career, does it seem excessive that she is demanding more than $93,000 a month in spousal support? That’s more money than many people make in one year – or even two years.

What happens when Lynch’s popularity falls and she no longer makes the kind of money she is currently making? Although Lynch may not care so much about paying that amount of money now, she may not be so wealthy in five or 10 years. Many stars have gone bankrupt from days of care-free spending, and Lynch may want to get help securing her assets. Her divorce attorneys will hopefully advise her of the best way to proceed in response to her ex-wife’s demands.

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