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Divorce…where to begin?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Divorce

Divorce can get nasty. There are countless individuals across Texas that can attest to this fact. However, deciding to end a marriage is just the beginning; there are countless aspects of disentangling two lives that need to be addressed through the divorce process. Many feel unsure of where to being.

It appears that an out-of-state woman was feeling this sense of overwhelming uncertainty about where to start in ending her marriage when she placed a phone call to police. The woman requested that authorities removed her husband from their residence. The husband committed no crime, so the woman was cited for disorderly conduct and likely told to contact a family law attorney. 

Instead of calling police, individuals in Texas can take several more productive steps toward beginning their new life. The first step is to begin saving money in an account not shared with the spouse. There are several financial impacts following a divorce, and it is important to begin preparing for them.

Collecting important financial statements about retirement, debt and everything else will be imperative when it comes time to establish community and separate property for the purposes of division.

Additional concerns of child custody, child support and possibly spousal support can be of consideration as well. While this process can feel overwhelming at first, an experience family attorney can guide an individual through every step of the process, and advocate for the rights of the individual in the divorce.

There is simply no need to cause a scene or alert authorities. A marriage can be ended without any sort of scuffle with close planning and advising.

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