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Former couple battles for 12 years over spousal support

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2012 | Spousal Support

While never entirely easy, divorce can be a straight forward, quick and relatively-amicable process. However, it can also be incredibly messy. One out-of-state divorce definitely falls into the incredibly messy category, as the litigation surrounding the settlement has persisted for the last 12 years.

The couple married later in life and split after a decade together, no children were involved. It seems like this is the makings of a relatively easy split, but that is not proving to be the case. Reportedly, the last contentious issue between the ex-couple is spousal support.

The wife was involved in a terrible car accident that left her severely physically and mentally injured. Shortly thereafter, the husband filed for divorce. Based on a prenuptial agreement, the husband agreed to pay her $100,000 in exchange for her waving the right to spousal support. Due to circumstances, the agreement was ruled invalid.

Although the marriage was dissolved in 2001, the couple continues to fight over spousal support. Where the husband once earned a substantial income, the turn in the economy has result in the man’s wallet taking a substantial hit. Reportedly, he earned just over $75,000 last year. However, the wife says she will not drop the lawsuit unless she gets $1 million, which she says she needs for medical expenses. The husband says her medical expenses are already covered.

Often, such complex divorces aren’t really a matter of money. It is a power struggle between two people after years of built up resentment and bitter feelings. Some divorcing parties can become completely consumed in this process. If an individual in Texas feels that their soon-to-be-ex is attempting to engage in a power struggle, it may be important to retain representation that will still empower the individual to move on with their life while simultaneously not backing down from the individual’s rights and interests.

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