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Domestic violence seriously impacts custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2012 | Divorce

Houston readers likely heard about the domestic dispute that took place a month ago between newlywed football player Chad Jonson, and his reality star wife Evelyn Lozada. Reportedly, the couple got into a heated argument stemming for the question of Johnson’s fidelity that culminated in Johnson head butting his wife.

Aside from the legal repercussions that Johnson is now facing, the domestic dispute has many far-reaching and negative impacts for the former football player. His team let him go in the wake of the charges, and now his wife of just two months is filing for divorce.

Johnson reportedly wants to make amends, but Lozada is not interested. The former football player got a tattoo of his soon-to-be ex on his leg, and now he is refusing to sign the divorce papers. However, because these proceedings are taking place in Florida, Lozada can file for an annulment of the marriage without the consent of Johnson.

Had this incident take place in Texas, there could be several potential ramifications of the domestic violence. One of the most predominant ramifications of a couple that splits due to domestic violence is the implications on child custody agreements. In instances of abuse, the abuser is highly unlikely to obtain custody.

It is extremely unlikely for a judge to rule that a parent that is abusive, mentally unstable or chemically dependent is fit for custody of their children. It simply isn’t in the best interest of the child. If an individual in Texas is pursuing a divorce because their marriage partner is abusive in any manner, that individual may wish to seek experienced legal counsel to ensure the custody of their children.

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