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Another music star becomes target of paternity accusation

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2012 | Paternity

It’s not a secret that teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has recently been involved in a surprising paternity dispute. The public has found some humor in the idea that the baby-faced singer who’s dating a former Disney star would have gotten a woman pregnant after a concert. Bieber has consistently denied the allegation that he’s the father of any child.

Just when it seemed like that paternity dispute had blown over, another music star is being accused of fathering a child. This time, it’s a more mature star, rapper Rick Ross. While the star’s age and history make him a less shocking target of paternity rumors, Ross is taking the same route as Bieber by denying his involvement with the child’s mother.

The child at the center of this family law dispute is 3 years old, and his mother has filed the paternity suit in order to help support the boy. She argues that Ross is the father and that he has never paid a dime toward the boy. Whether Ross knew anything about the child before the suit was filed is undisclosed.

TMZ reports that Ross passionately denies not only that he is the father but that he was never with the boy’s mother. This argument echoes Bieber’s claims regarding the paternity suit that was filed against him. And just like Bieber, Ross reportedly also wants to prove he is not the father by taking a DNA test.

If he is found to be the father, Ross will owe child support and be required to pay up. Sources report that the mother desperately needs financial help. Child support isn’t the only issue to consider should paternity be established. If Ross were to feel that he wanted to be a part of the child’s life, a positive paternity test would give him ammunition to seek child custody or visitation rights.


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