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Former “Real Housewife” cheats and could pay for it in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2011 | Spousal Support

In our last post, we discussed celebrity divorce and how infidelity can mean great costs to those who stray outside of their marriage. Just about as soon as the post was published, it seems like the scandalous story about Tareq and Michaele Salahi showed up in the headlines.

The couple were staples in the first and only season of “The Real Housewives of D.C.” Before they got more well-known from that Bravo show, they were at the center of a national scandal when they crashed a state dinner at the White House where President Obama was present. The couple is on to a new scandal now, which fits in with what we discussed in the past post about cheating and its effects on spousal support and other financial details of divorce. Tareq had filed to divorce his wife of eight years.

According to reports, Michaele has left Tareq — very publically — for the famous guitarist of the band Journey. She and Neal Schon had supposedly been in a relationship prior to her marriage to Tareq, and Michaele recently realized that she had made the wrong choice in partner. Without telling Tareq where and to whom she was going, Michaele left to be with Schon and rekindle their romantic relationship.

Based on the Salahis’ history of public scandal, it isn’t all too surprising that their relationship drama is playing out in the media limelight. Tareq has told sources that he filed the divorce papers because of the embarrassment and harm that Michaele has brought upon him by flaunting her infidelity. Sources report that Michaele accuses her husband of being too controlling.

TMZ has recently reported that it has access to the Salahis’ prenuptial agreement. If reports are accurate, then just like the other stars we mentioned in the past post, Michaele could get nothing in spousal support or property division. Of course, when it comes to celebrity news, details can change every day, and we will post an update when there is more confirmation regarding this celebrity divorce.


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