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Source says Dodgers decision wasn't about divorce but business

We have covered the divorce drama that's taken place between Frank and Jamie McCourt on this blog before. It's been at the center of not only family law news, but it's made its way into sports news as well due to the ownership of the Dodgers MLB team.

The biggest debate in the McCourts' divorce has dealt with the division of assets. Who of the two owned the baseball team? Well, now neither of them owns it. And a recent Los Angeles Times blog includes arguments addressing Frank McCourt's suggestion that he lost the team because of his divorce.

The MLB recently made a big decision to take control of the Dodgers rather than let its ownership depend upon the enduring legal battle between the McCourts. Frank McCourt reportedly has made comments that place blame for the MLB's decision to take over the team on his publicized divorce drama.

However, sources claim that the divorce was not the reason behind the latest ownership decision. The choice, according to some, was the result of the McCourts failing to effectively run the team. The Dodgers is a team that is in great debt. A lot of that debt can reportedly be attributed to irresponsible management of millions and millions of dollars of the team's funds, much of which supposedly was used for the McCourts' personal benefit.

Perhaps it would have been nice if the MLB had taken over the matter sooner. The McCourts, the Dodgers and Dodgers fans could have been saved a lot of stress.


Los Angeles Time: "It's not about the divorce, Frank, it's about how you ran the club," Steve Dilbeck, 28 Apr. 2011

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