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Jamie McCourt Gets the Answer She Wants: She’s Dodgers Co Owner

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2010 | Divorce

In a ruling that initially signifies that there might be an end to Frank and Jamie McCourt divorce dispute, the judge’s recent decision regarding Dodgers ownership could just be the beginning of a new court case. Earlier this week, an L.A. judge announced that the former couple’s 2004 marital property agreement was not valid. That means that division of Dodgers ownership comes down to standard marital property laws in the state.

For Jamie McCourt, that means victory. The ruling translates into her being able to say, in truth, that she is part owner of the MLB team. But if Frank McCourt has it his way, the shared proprietorship will not last for long. According to the Los Angeles Times, with the help of his legal team, Frank intends to appeal the decision with evidence that it was a pre-marriage business of his that made buying the baseball team possible.

Sources report that Jamie’s attorneys wish that Frank and his legal team would see the judge’s recent ruling as a sign that it is in everyone’s best interest to finalize how the division of the team will be handled from this point on. But if history reflects what’s to come of the legal matter, then a settlement might not be likely.

The pair has tried to settle the matter outside of court without success. Last month, Jamie disappointed Frank when she refused to accept a property settlement proposal. He and his lawyers then reportedly accused her of greedily dragging the case on and hurting the family, team and baseball fans in the process. Now, however, the ball is in Frank’s court regarding whether he will finally put this post-divorce dispute to rest.

We will post an update when either party makes a move in this high-profile, ongoing divorce dispute. Sources also suggest, however, that the MLB organization could decide to step in on behalf of the best interest of the Dodgers team. We’ll let you know, too, if that happens.


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