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3 rules for social media use during a divorce

Social media provides opportunities for connection, interaction and entertainment. When life pushes you under the bus, it can offer a way to vent about your troubles to loved ones and find other people going through similar experiences so you can gain a support network.

Divorce may be the time when you need those benefits most. However, you need to be smart in your use of social media or you can make a mess of things during the divorce process. Your spouse can twist anything you share into negative evidence against you, or you can incriminate yourself. Follow these three rules to avoid letting your social media usage harm your case.

Understanding community and separate property in Texas

Property division in a Texas divorce often involves the question of whether certain assets are community or separate property. A basic outline of these concepts can help you gain some insight into the division process and your expectations from it.

Many cases feature specific circumstances that can complicate the ways in which courts may apply seemingly straightforward principles. Sometimes, the services of experts such as forensic accountants become necessary to ascertain relevant facts.

5 divorce myths you should stop believing

There are a lot of myths about relationships, marriages, and divorces out there. You read and hear a lot of misguided and untrue things online and from your friends. If you believe these myths, you might make some mistakes as you and your spouse end your marriage. 

Do not let false statements put any more strain on your relationship. Here are the top five myths about divorce you should stop believing. 

Getting the facts straight about Texas alimony

Alimony, which Texas law refers to as spousal maintenance, can be a topic that raises concerns for someone contemplating divorce. It does not help that a lot of misinformation continues to circulate and generate misplaced panic for higher earners.

The top myth that needs dispelling is that a higher earner who divorces will have to keep giving the lower-earning ex a large chunk of his or her income, forever. This is only true if set forth in a valid prenup or divorce agreement.

Passport travel for the children of divorce

It is not unusual for families to enjoy traveling outside of Texas and even outside of the United States to vacation or visit extended family. Passport requirements to do so are not new, and most people are familiar with the required document.

When parents divorce, however, the right to simply buy a ticket and use passports to take a trip with the children is not always so simple.  There are often legal impediments in place to ensure the custody arrangement permits any out of country travel.

Difference between uncontested and contested divorce in Texas

As if divorce is not complicated enough, legal jargon can make it even more confusing. You may have heard of the terms uncontested and contested divorce but are not sure of what they mean and how they apply to you. Understanding the difference between the two can help you determine which approach is best for your situation.

This decision is important because it can save you precious time and money. You do not want to drag out your divorce any longer than necessary or spend more than you have to.

Tips for co-parents figuring out vacation time

Divorce can happen to any married couple. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, both men and women are most likely to get divorced in the 30 to 44 age group. Many couples in this age range have children, and determining child custody is another wrinkle in a complicated legal matter.

After the divorce is settled, the two parents will have a schedule for who gets to see the kids at what times. It is inevitable that eventually, one parent will want to change the schedule temporarily for a vacation with the children. Judges and lawyers usually do not need to become involved with this, but there are some tips for having a more productive time getting the other parent to agree to the change.

Top 3 tips for helping your children cope with divorce

It is no shock that your divorce is going to be difficult for your children. This is never an easy thing to discuss or experience. When children see their parents fight and separate, it affects them deeply. While this is unavoidable, there are things you can do to help your kids through this hard time.

Helping your kids cope with the stress and confusion of divorce is key to maintaining a strong relationship with them. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Understand the division of pension for divorce in Texas

Property and asset division is different in a divorce, depending upon which state the proceedings take place. With Texas being a community property state, the courts split most property acquired during the marriage between both parties. It is important to understand this concept and how it applies to your pension in the case of divorce.

Pension falls into the property category, so it is subject to community property rules for property division in divorce. In general, community property is valued and split into equal parts between the two spouses. This does not apply to property given to one party as an inheritance or gift, nor does it apply to any property that one party had prior to the marriage. This factor can affect how the pension is distributed. If the pension began before the marriage, the spouse will only receive payment for the portion earned during the marriage, including interest. Also, in splitting the pension, various factors may contribute to the final determination, such as the value of separate property, earning capacity, education level, marital fault, child custody standing and the length of the marriage.

How to file for a child custody modification

If you are divorced with kids, negotiating custody is often one of the most stressful prospects to deal with. It is ideal that both parents be equally involved in a child’s life, but schedules, living arrangements and other obligations often complicate the matter. A custody agreement is drafted based on the circumstances of each parent. What happens, though, when these circumstances happen to change?

In such situations, a custody modification may be necessary. Depending on the response from your ex and the specifics of your request, you may need to go to court. This is not always the case, however, and there are several ways you may choose to petition for a child custody modification.


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