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5 myths about divorce that need to be dispelled

Divorce is a complex legal process that has many steps involved before it is finalized. It is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of misinformation about divorce that comes from gossip and misinterpretation of the law. Instead of listening to your neighbor or cousin, you should speak to someone who knows and understands family law.

Texas bill would make it harder to divorce

Back in the 1970s, the Lone Star State introduced "no fault" divorce. Before that, spouses had to prove to the courts that the marriage was untenable, often by showing that infidelity or abuse took place. Instead of just saying things didn't work out, fault-baseddivorcesmeant airing dirty laundry and having someone else tell you whether your feelings were valid.

Now a new bill has been introduced in Texas that would end no-fault divorce in the state. The proponents of the bill argue that it would help couples and families stay together longer and thus strengthen the family unit. Detractors say that fault-based divorces are an antiquated idea that went out of style about the same time as shag carpeting.

4 ways to prepare your child for two homes after divorce

No matter how you look at it, divorce is not a fun event to go through. It is hard on the parents, the kids and even the pets. Switching from one home to two is often difficult for children, and they may have a serious adjustment period. As their parents, you want what is best for them, but the reality is that they are going to be splitting their time between two homes. To make it a little easier on them to accept their new normal, there are a few tips to help them adjust.

Does a person's death terminate alimony?

Spousal support is one of the many things couples tend to feud over when they are getting a divorce. Once all is said and done, the requesting spouse may, in fact, be awarded alimony despite their ex's efforts to get the courts to decide otherwise. When this happens, the paying spouse will be required to make payments to their ex until the court states otherwise, but if they were to die, this could terminate alimony payments.


Proving paternity when the mother is married to another man

As a father, when you are seeking custody or even just visitation with your child, there can be many obstacles standing in the way. Of course, you'll have to establish paternity before you can even get the ball rolling with requesting custody, but there are other things that can make this process extremely difficult. For example, the child's mother being married to another man.


When fathers haven't seen their kids in a long time

When you are a father and have been unable to see your children in a long time, the first moment you get together can be uncomfortable for one reason or another. The children may be angry that you have not visited them even if it wasn't your choice, or they might be battling the mixed emotions of happiness and confusion.

The tips below should help. 

3 types of child custody crimes in Texas

When it comes to divorce, the ugliest part is often establishing custody of minor children. Custody battles not only do harm to the children, but they can harm to the parents as well. If you are angry with how your ex-spouse is handling this issue and frustrated with the time it takes for the court to order a resolution, you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands. This is a bad idea as there are three general ways you can commit a child custody crime in Texas, as outlined in the state's penal code.

How You Can Seek Spousal Rights from a Divorce Case

Most divorce cases evolve into hotly contested battles in the absence of an amicable agreement between separating spouses. Accusations are made on either side in a battle of supremacy between ex-spouses. In most cases, the kids experience most of the heartache arising from a torn family. Despite your feuding battles, it is advisable to put aside your differences and focus on the best interests of the child. Doing so positively contributes to the emotional and psychological development of the child.

If you are presented with a dissolution of marriage lawsuit, do not hesitate to contact a prominent divorce attorney based in Houston, Texas. By hiring such a lawyer, you are provided with unlimited support and personal attention as you wind up your marital relationship with your spouse. As your attorney, they will take adequate time to comprehend your needs and concerns before providing the best solution to the divorce predicament.

How You Can Obtain Fair Spousal Support

Divorce cases are widely considered as complex processes by most spouses. Not only do they have to pack up and move on, but also need to maintain regular contact for the wellbeing of their children. Whatever reason may have instigated the divorce case, it is advisable to put your differences aside and cater to the needs of the children. However, certain situations activate spousal support especially when one spouse abandoned their career to look after the children. Additionally, the spouse may not be financially stable to live independently.

In such a case, do not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer specializing in spousal support to aggressively advocate for your rights. Texas law does not oblige divorcing spouses to disclose the grounds for filing for divorce. However certain requirements need to be met when considering spousal support. For instance, the standard of living of either spouse is a major determinant on the provision of financial support. Based on an amicable agreement facilitated by a Houston judge, the divorcing spouse is obligated to pay a monthly payment to support an unemployed ex-spouse.

Characteristics of a long-term marriage divorce

A long-term marriage is usually one that lasts 20 years or longer. Deciding to divorce after that long can be hard enough on its own. But, it can become more complicated and stressful when dealing with the minutia of the case. Thus, it can be helpful to know what characterizes the divorce of a long-term marriage.

Long-term marriages are distinct from other types. They are special in that they usually involve older people. This puts them in unique situations. For example, many times, their children are teenagers or older. Their age makes child support less of an issue. Also, because long-term couples are older than many newly-married couples, health and the costs associated with it may be more of a consideration.


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