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Laying the groundwork for post-holiday divorce, part 1

Some spouses often just want to keep as much peace as possible in their families over the holidays, and even if they have been thinking strongly about divorce, many of them think they can handle one last holiday season with their spouse. But for many of the unhappily married, the need to file for divorce comes soon after the holiday festivities are over. January is reported as the month when most file for divorce.

Study: Materialism and marriage don't mix

Money can't buy you happiness. That's the saying, right? And, according to a recent study, that saying holds true for happiness in marriage. Researchers from Brigham Young University and William Paterson University conducted a study that suggests that marriages with materialistic partners might be likelier to end in divorce.

Study: Working women are more likely to remain wedded women

The so-called traditional family model includes the wife at home taking care of the kids and the husband "bringing home the bacon." While there is certainly nothing wrong with that model, especially if it works for some, it doesn't guarantee a happy marriage. In fact, a recent study reveals that women are less likely to initiate a divorce when they work outside the home.

For the unhappily married, does economy make affairs more common?

There is no one tried-and-true way to do a divorce. Not all divorces cost the same, even though some people assume that the legal process will cost them all that they have. If a couple works together and keeps cost in mind, they can end their marriage for a reasonable price. For some, the split might be worth it. It's hard to put a price on starting a new chapter in one's life, free of an unhappy marriage.

Women can and do have successful retirements post-divorce

Statistics have shown that many women face moderate to severe financial setbacks immediately following a divorce. This is especially true if a woman has sacrificed her own career ambitions in exchange for domestic work such as child care. Often, alimony and child support payments are not enough to place the divorced spouse in a financial position that's anywhere close to her position during the marriage. While the first few years following a divorce can result in substantial financial challenges, a new study conducted by the University of Connecticut suggests that divorced women who remain unmarried find themselves in a far better financial position by the time that they retire than those who choose to remarry.

Avoid financial pitfalls of divorce, part 2

Last week, we left you with a couple of tips on how to protect your money and credit report during or after a split. There is more to a divorce than the family and emotional aspect. It's crucial for you to think about the immediate and future financial implications that are to come.

Is Putting Off Divorce Clever or Cowardly? Part 1

An all-star cast portrayed a family in the 2009 film "It's Complicated" that was navigating its way through being a family of divorce. An ex-husband, ex-wife, new wife and potential love interest all crossed each others' paths and made for lots of awkward moments and laughs.


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