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Women's Marriage and Divorce Trends Change in U.S.

"Times are changing." Every generation says that about one thing or another in its life. For those who were born in the 70's, a recent Pew Research Center study shows that the real change of their generation is the shift in marriage trends compared to prior generations.

Husband Seeks Divorce Based on Wife's Cancer Lie

There are obviously a lot of emotions that go into the decision to marry -- and divorce. A young couple recently married soon after the husband, Mr. O., learned that his then girlfriend and mother of their child was diagnosed with cancer. Such news sometimes makes couples feel that the time is now and that a wedding is the right decision, but in this case, the diagnosis that likely led to the May nuptials is now the issue that is tearing the newlyweds apart.

Is Putting Off Divorce Clever or Cowardly? Part 2

Our last post began a discussion on our blog about the trend of couples living "un-divorced," according to a Politics Daily piece. Today, some marriages in the U.S. are left unbroken not because couples still love each other and want to grow old together, but because they are avoiding the threats they equate with divorce.

When "I do" Leads to "Not tonight," Is Divorce the Right Option?

Want some advice on how to either avoid divorce or decide if divorce is a healthy option? Reevaluate your job and other everyday norms that add stress to your life and decide whether your stresses are more important than your marriage.


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