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Stepparent adoptions explained

There are several types of adoptions, each with their specific requirements, including stepparent adoption. But in stepparent adoptions, many of these barriers are removed. For example, in other adoptions, the court requires home visits, hearings, and long waiting periods, however, for stepparent adoptions, the court removes the home visits and hearings. The law is laxer with stepparent adoptions because the child and parent are (1) related and (2) already know one another.

Texas updates child support guidelines every year

The Texas Attorney General releases updated child support guidelines every year. Child support payments are mandatory transfers of money from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. Child support is intended to ensure that the non-custodial parent continues to contribute and share in the cost of raising the child. Most states now use a set of guidelines to ensure that the courts impose fair obligations on all parties. This post will go over the 2016 Texas child support guidelines.

Study finds higher rates of adoption among transgender children

The transgender community has been under the microscope in the past few years from bathroom concerns to privacy rights. North Carolina is currently engaged in a dispute with the Federal government regarding its bathroom policy. But while the controversies are brewing, a study found that transgender children are being adopted at higher rates than before. This post will go over the study and its implication for adoption policy.

Unique matters for children with special needs

Divorce is a huge decision to undertake. You need to consider the merits of your relationship, dividing assets, incomes, and other matters. It is especially complicated if you have children. Now imagine if your child has special needs. Children with special needs may have difficulty adapting to a new a home, they require additional attention and care, and they require more support services. This post will go over the different support issues inherent to children with special needs.

Child support by the numbers

All 50 states have some law on the books that requires child support payments by the non-custodial parent. Child support is the payment of money from the noncustodial to the custodial parent. The custodial parent is the parent who cares for the children the majority of the time. The more parents share parenting time; the less maintenance paid. It is designed to ensure that the non-custodial parent does not escape their parental duties.

Study examines why fathers fail to pay child support

Federal and state governments, and even local police, are all working to compel the "deadbeat dad" to pay his child support. Collectively, these institutions spend millions of dollars a year toward this goal and yet, surprisingly, little research has been done to explore why fathers fail to pay child support. Is the stereotype true? Are fathers selfish and refuse to care for their children? Are the reasons economic? A recent study undertook to answer these questions.

Potential issues with a collaborative divorce

Everyone is always trying to solve the problems with divorce. Too many people are getting divorced. It is too expensive. The children are traumatized. But, in the end, divorce may be the only sensible solution available to most people who need to leave a toxic marriage. And collaborative divorce is a comparatively new way to approach dissolving a marriage.

The Texas Child Support Calculator explained, Part 2

Child support guidelines are designed to ensure that all parents and children are treated fairly. The numbers are inputted into the guidelines and formulas and a child support number is generated. The goal is to remove bias from the calculus. As discussed in a prior post, to help parents estimate their child support payments the Texas Attorney General has posted a child support calculator on their website. This post will address the final factors that the calculator considers.


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