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Should I use a temporary order before my divorce?

If you've determined to go through with a divorce, there will be many decisions that lay ahead. But, you and your spouse need to make some decisions before others. And some of these decisions may be time sensitive as well. There are some circumstances that determine whether a temporary order will be useful in your situation for this purpose.

Avoid these post-divorce missteps

During times of great personal change, it can be tempting to give into one's impulses. Throwing caution to the wind does not seem nearly so reckless when one's world has been turned upside-down anyway. However, there are reasons to be cautious in certain areas of life after deciding to divorce.

What to do if your ex is moving out of state

Going through a divorce can be enough trouble without having to worry about issues like the jurisdiction of your child custody hearings. That's why it is important for parents to know their rights when they discover their ex-spouse plans to move out of state. The first step in that process is understanding how multi-state parenting agreements work and when they become necessary.

What are the rules about moving after divorce?

When a couple has no children and seeks a divorce, matters tend to be relatively simple. Once property issues get sorted out, the two parties never have to see one another again. However, when children are involved, things get more complicated. The divorcing couple must consider each issue that comes up in light of how it will affect the children. One such problem can come up when one of the parents wants to relocate a significant distance away.

How to separate your finances before divorce

Facing the reality of divorce throws many people into a lot of turmoil. It is important, however, to keep your eye on practical matters. Chief among those are your finances. It is a smart idea to begin separating your finances before you file for divorce, so that you are not blindsided with bills that you suddenly cannot pay once the divorce process is in full swing. The best way to go about this is to review your finances and determine your future needs.

What happens to debt in a divorce?

Contrary to some beliefs, getting divorced in a community property state does not mean that any debts incurred during the marriage get split 50/50. Texas' community property laws start with the assumption that property acquired during the marriage belongs to both spouses, but it also includes several exceptions and qualifications. The same is true for debt.

Tips for finding a good marriage counselor, Part 1

Many couples these days seek out marriage counseling. It is a good solution if both people are committed to working on and salvaging the relationship. In recent years, the marriage counseling business has boomed, leading to a multiplication of counselors with a wide-range of specialties. With so many options, how can you find a reliable counselor at an affordable price?

Manimony: Alimony for men

Pew Research stated that in 2012, there were nearly two million stay-at-home dads -- almost double that of 1989. Why the change? Some modern households now rely on the wife for financial support. Today, women can be the "breadwinner," and many females have a higher earning potential than men. This means men can take care of the home and children. So, what happens when you file for divorce and you no longer have the financial support you once had from your wife?

Advice to modify your retirement after divorce

If you are going through a divorce, the worst thing you can do for your retirement is nothing. Your retirement will be fundamentally affected by your divorce. It is imperative that you anticipate the effect on your retirement and how you will compensate for the changes. This post will go over some modifications for your divorce.


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