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Posts tagged "celebrity"

Marie gets married, to her first husband for second time

There are cynics in this world, and then there are optimists. The news that music star Marie Osmond has remarried a man she has already divorced in her life seems to have revealed the identities of the cynics and optimists out there. Or, perhaps, too many people still look at divorce as a negative without giving that stigma enough thought.

"I've dropped the divorce," announces Billy Ray Cyrus

It sounds like good news for the once happy Cyrus family. Today, sources report that Billy Ray Cyrus announced on "The View" that he and his wife have called off their divorce. Billy Ray shares that the family has come back together in a healthy, strong way.

Child custody dispute interrupts Sheen's other dramas

When he played "Wild Thing" in the hit Major League, casting directors likely had no idea how wild Charlie Sheen's life would turn out. Wild, in fact, doesn't even cover the events of the actor's life over the past year alone. And it looks like the crazy nature of the year has resulted in the most recent drama of the star's highly-publicized life.

Is Best Actress Oscar a predictor of the next celebrity divorce?

A significant number of female Oscar winners have more in common than the shared professional achievement of winning the Academy Award. They also got divorced after their victories. So when you watch the Oscars this year, the woman who walks up on the stage and gives her emotional acceptance speech very well might be the next celebrity whose divorce hits the media circuit.

'My Name is Earl,' star tops off rough patch with divorce filing

Sure, the lives of Hollywood stars might look easy, but one popular starlet has recently proven that struggles affect us all, whether we are blue collar workers or stars of a hit TV show. Blonde beauty and actress Jaime Pressly is in the midst of living out a string of stressful incidents in the eyes of the media.


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