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How can remarrying in Texas affect the terms of my divorce?

Owing to the fact that so many marriages end in divorce, there is a large sample of data in which to analyze patterns of marriage, divorce and remarriage across Texas. For example, it is estimated that about half of all marriages across the country, including in Texas, will end in divorce. Further, about 75 percent of individuals in Texas that divorce will go on to take a new spouse after divorcing. Beyond the numbers, the bottom line is that everyone seeks a fulfilling and happy relationship. However, it can be very difficult to communicate to an ex that an individual is remarrying.

Texas man did not finalize divorce, charged with bigamy

It is critical that when a couple is divorcing, they make sure to go about the process through the judicial system in a manner that can be enforceable. This means that if an individual seeks custody, visitation, child support, alimony or any sort of post-decree modification, that party should go through a judge to do so. If an individual fails to do this, they could find themselves facing serious, even criminal, consequences.

Texas mother bribes judge in custody case, sentenced to jail

Some parents would go to any length to ensure custody of their children. It would seem fairly obvious to state that there are several legal methods that a parent can pursue to place them in a more favorable position to be awarded custody. However, some parents seem to throw caution to the wind and will seek any avenue, including illegal activity, to ensure that they are awarded custody of their child. Unfortunately, this often has the reverse effect.

Is signing a prenuptial agreement a precursor to a divorce?

Signing a prenuptial agreement is not a precursor to a divorce. Over the past couple of decades the rate at which couples across the nation are signing a prenuptial agreement has increased a significant amount. One family law attorney in Atlanta reports, "Overall, I'd say prenups are ten times more common than they were 20 years ago, when I started practicing. It's not taboo anymore." The same holds true in Texas as well, where a surge of prenuptial agreements have been signed.

Some Texas child-support-paying men absolved of parental responsibility

The first of this month marked a deadline that aimed to aid Texas men paying child support to children that they are not the father of. Reportedly, there are 128,000 men in the state that are paying support for children that are not theirs. This may seem strange, but under Texas law in years past, if a man learned that he was paying child support for children that were not his, he was not entitled to end support payments because that would be contrary to the best interest of the child.

Texas rap star remains in prison for unpaid child support

A Houston rap star, Scarface, has been in a Harris County Jail since October of last year. His crime? Failure to pay child support in Texas. He reportedly owes more than $123,000 in overdue child support payments. The amount stems from four different paternity cases. The amounts owed under each case are as follows:

Harris proposes Texas criminal or family law changes after Anthony verdict

State Senator Chris Harris, R-Arlington, outraged by the results of the Casey Anthony murder trial, plans to introduce legislation in Texas that would penalize any parent or legal guardian who does not report a missing child in a timely manner. The Senator would propose to make such an offense a felony.

Will Texas Law Allow Family to Annul Their Dead Son's Marriage?

Thomas Araguz, 30, was a Texas firefighter who sadly died on the job this Fourth of July. He was lucky to have found love more than once in his short lifetime. His first marriage ended in divorce, but he later moved on to marry Nikki Araguz, who is now his widow. Or is she? 

Texas Child Custody Dispute Turns Deadly

Family law is as personal as law gets. Divorce and child custody disputes, therefore, often result in extreme emotions, hostility and even violence. That is the case of a Texas father who plotted a violent plan in order to gain custody of his child.


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