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How can a person's income affect their spousal support?

Spousal support or alimony can sometimes be a difficult topic for a divorcing couple to discuss. Like many divorce legal matters, when a couple cannot find a resolution that they both can agree upon, a judge will decide for them. With this being the case, there's a possibility that the spouse who is requesting spousal support will not get alimony, or they will get very little. Not only could this be due to how long the couple were married or their standard of living, a judge could also award a small amount of spousal support due to a person's income.

Things to consider before requesting alimony from your spouse

Couples who are divorcing will address a number of legal issues before everything is finalized and they go their separate ways. It is likely that one spouse will be considering requesting alimony when the couple chooses to move forward with the divorce. While alimony is very helpful to those who need it, it is not always awarded when it is requested. For that reason, spouses should ask themselves a few questions before they request alimony from their spouse.

Do I have to receive alimony as monthly payments?

When people decide to end their marriage, it is likely that one or both of them will consider requesting spousal support. The topic of alimony isn't always a light subject for divorcing couple to discuss because they may feel differently about it. Depending on how each spouse feels about this, it could quickly turn into a nasty, heated debate, especially if one spouse disagrees with the other's determination that they deserve alimony.

How alimony can help the receiving spouse

Couples who are divorcing dispute over various issues for long and short periods of time. In some situations, one spouse may be surprised by the other because of what they are requesting of them and find it unfair, which is what can lead to the disputes. One of these surprising issues couples may disagree and dispute over is alimony.

What happens if my former spouse fails to make alimony payments?

Alimony is awarded to spouses when the courts feel as though it is necessary. By using a number of factors, judges determine if alimony will be awarded and how much will be paid each month. Even though in the court order, it may clearly state which spouse has the legal obligation to pay spousal support every month, there is still a chance that they will ignore what the judge says and not make payments.

Actress Megan Fox may have to pay spousal support

Couples who are divorcing often discuss various issues during the process. Not only may they try to agree when it comes to child custody or property division, they may try to find an amount of spousal support that they both feel is fair. Like with any divorce legal matter, when couples do not agree, they often find themselves in front of a judge who will then decide for them. When this happens, there are a number of things that are taken into consideration when the judge decides which spouse will be awarded spousal support and how much the payments will be.

Why may one spouse be awarded alimony?

When two people are getting a divorce, they may find that they disagree on many things. One may want to walk away with certain property, while the other feels it should be divided evenly. Along with a discussion about property division and other legal divorce matters, spouses may end up trying to resolve the issue of spousal support, also known as alimony.

Spousal support may be paid for a limited time or indefinitely

When two people divorce, there is the chance that one spouse will be awarded spousal support. This may be seen as unfair, but the courts have decided one spouse deserves to be supported financially despite the marriage coming to an end. Even though one person may be awarded alimony, there are certain circumstances that affect how long someone may make these payments. People may assume that when they are awarded spousal support that these payments will continue for the rest of their lives, but this may not be true.

Determining the length of time someone will receive alimony

When two people are getting divorced, the topic of spousal support or alimony may be discussed, particularly when one spouse makes a request to receive it. Following this request, courts may examine certain factors and determine if the requesting party will receive spousal support or not. Oftentimes, when spousal support is awarded to one spouse, it is to help the one who is the lower or non-wage earner maintain the standard of living that they had during the marriage.

Why an attorney can assist when you request spousal support

When two people are divorcing, there are many issues that can arise that may make the process quickly turn from easy to difficult. Along with the discussion of dividing property and child support, spousal support could also be a topic to discuss should one spouse request it.


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