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Paternity Archives

Famous basketball player gets through paternity fraud hoop

When it comes to issues related to family, people can naturally get highly emotional. Many of us recognize that our identities have been built on our family make-up. When someone feels like that make-up or identity is being challenged, they react in strong ways.

Texas rap star remains in prison for unpaid child support

A Houston rap star, Scarface, has been in a Harris County Jail since October of last year. His crime? Failure to pay child support in Texas. He reportedly owes more than $123,000 in overdue child support payments. The amount stems from four different paternity cases. The amounts owed under each case are as follows:

DNA paternity proof can now reverse parental rights in Texas

Until recently, child support orders had been relatively difficult to reverse. However, under a new Texas law enacted this year, men will not be obligated to pay child support if a DNA paternity test can prove that they are not the father of the children in question.

Schwarzenegger's 10-year paternity secret too much for Shriver

In a shocking statement released by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world learned that the action film star fathered a child with a member of his household staff nearly a decade ago. It is believed that the former governor's admission of paternity will potentially initiate divorce proceedings to end his and his wife's 25-year marriage. Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver, reportedly moved out of the couple's mansion after hearing the news. Schwarzenegger said that he understood the anger and disappointment that his wife, children and friends were feeling and that he was going to take full responsibility for his actions. Although formal divorce proceedings have not yet commenced, the couple's separation was made public last week.

King of paternity drama, Maury Povich recalls unique cases

Maybe you are past the point in your life now when you would tune into daytime TV drama. But a popular host of daytime TV, Maury Povich, recently brought up paternity cases he's covered on his show that leave even the biggest TV snob scratching his or her head in wonder.

Keanu Reeves says past paternity suit was no excellent adventure

We are used to seeing actor Keanu Reeves as a cool guy in his movies. Whether he's on an excellent adventure as a tubular teen or saving passengers on a speeding bus, Reeves' characters portray him as a man who can roll with the surprises that life throws at him.

Comic's paternity dispute is no laughing matter

He lived a life of comedy and rock and roll, and it looks like the late Sam Kinison's lifestyle led to something more than Hollywood success. According to recent reports, Kinison fathered a child that he supposedly didn't know about during his life.


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