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Child Custody Archives

Facebook Has Texas Mother Facing the Music Over Child Custody

The world of technology has opened up many doors of opportunity, whether for business or personal purposes. With every gift, however, comes a downfall, and for one Texas mother, her use of Facebook has come back to blow up in her face. Her ex used evidence from the social media site as a way to convince a judge that the mother was unfit to parent. According to Dallas sources, a couple's divorce led to a grueling custody battle over their son. Now five years old, the son will be under the primary custody of his father due to incriminating information about the mother that was posted on Facebook. What is important for everyone to remember is that items posted on social networking sites are not private, and they do not disappear. What is shared, therefore, is fair game in legal circumstances.

Texas Mom Loses Custody of Child Due to Alleged Medical Neglect

A family struggling with its daughter's rare blood disorder faces a new, different kind of struggle. The ill child's mother was told last week that Texas authorities have decided to take custody of her daughter. According to reports, the authorities cite evidence of neglect as the reason behind stripping the mother, at least temporarily, of child custody.

U.S. Challenges Japan over Child Custody Interference

It is not often when international issues are discussed on this blog, but a recent move by the United States House of Representatives brings family law standards in Japan into the American forefront. According to sources, there are parents in the U.S. who are being denied parental rights to their children because their exes have taken the kids to Japan after divorce. U.S. representatives are calling Japan out and saying that it is expected that the child custody challenge that exists between the U.S. and Japan must be addressed.

Texas Child Custody Turned Missing Persons Case Comes to an End

Every parent has his or her reason to believe that they are the best caretaker of their child, and those feelings are passionately held. In the instance of a well-known Texas case, it turns out that a father was so sure that he should have had custody of his son that he disappeared with the boy for 17 years.

Paternity Lawsuit Ends Favorably for Mother

Family law is an ever-changing field as time passes because the norms of starting a family are changing. A lesbian mother from California who recently fought a paternity suit is a prime example of today's progressive family. In order to keep identities private, we will not use names, but the mother wanted to have a child through artificial insemination and, therefore, found a willing donor.

Texas Mom and International Dad Dispute Child Custody

It seems like it must be a frustrating back and forth child custody dispute between a Texas mother and Mexican/French father for all involved. Which parent is in the right is up for a judge to decide, but for the sake of the 11-year-old child involved in the disagreement, the majority of the international public who has been following this family law controversy hopes that a final decision will soon be made.

Husband Seeks Divorce Based on Wife's Cancer Lie

There are obviously a lot of emotions that go into the decision to marry -- and divorce. A young couple recently married soon after the husband, Mr. O., learned that his then girlfriend and mother of their child was diagnosed with cancer. Such news sometimes makes couples feel that the time is now and that a wedding is the right decision, but in this case, the diagnosis that likely led to the May nuptials is now the issue that is tearing the newlyweds apart.

Is Putting Off Divorce Clever or Cowardly? Part 2

Our last post began a discussion on our blog about the trend of couples living "un-divorced," according to a Politics Daily piece. Today, some marriages in the U.S. are left unbroken not because couples still love each other and want to grow old together, but because they are avoiding the threats they equate with divorce.

Is Putting Off Divorce Clever or Cowardly? Part 1

An all-star cast portrayed a family in the 2009 film "It's Complicated" that was navigating its way through being a family of divorce. An ex-husband, ex-wife, new wife and potential love interest all crossed each others' paths and made for lots of awkward moments and laughs.

Texas Bill Salutes Military Parents' Rights to Child Custody

The decisions made in family law are often complex and difficult. You are deciding the future path of your family and likely creating your vision of what your life will be from scratch. That's not an easy task. But at least those decisions are somewhat in your control, and maybe you even initiated the divorce.


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