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Spousal Support Archives

Schwarzenegger shows that divorce doesn't have to get ugly

The situation that led to the high-profile divorce between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver might have involved intense drama, but it looks like the divorce process between the actor/former governor and his journalist wife won't need to get as dramatic.

What does a divorce agreement have to do with Bernie Madoff?

It seems like a strange combination: divorce and a Ponzi scheme. But an out-of-state case that's making headlines shows how the notorious Bernie Madoff's investment scam is related to more than criminal law. It's now become a family law issue.

Sports lockouts could make losing team out of kids and exes

When we hear about the current and potential future contract negotiations among the NFL and NBA, we tend to only see the athletes and organizational leaders as the effected parties. Recent reports, however, identify a less-obvious effect that possible lockouts might have in regards to family law.

How alleged belly dancing got one divorcee in trouble

Have you recently taken up a new leisurely activity? For the general public, entertaining a new hobby is no big deal - it's admirable. Such new ventures provide the technologically savvy folk plenty of fodder to fill their blogs or other social networking spaces with.

Former 'American Idol' judge Cowell at center of divorce dispute

We might not be seeing Simon Cowell's devious grin on this new season of "American Idol," but that doesn't mean we aren't seeing the once popular judge's name in the news. The most recent news involving the star has little to do with his hectic schedule as a mogul in the entertainment world.

Grasp of divorce and Social Security leads to security in divorce

Divorce alone raises complex questions and equations when it comes to property division and figuring out spousal support. According to financial professionals and divorce attorneys, the issue of Social Security benefits largely contributes to the complicated nature of divorce. But from a financial standpoint, understanding Social Security benefits and your spousal rights to them is crucial if you want your fair share of financial support after divorce.

'My Name is Earl,' star tops off rough patch with divorce filing

Sure, the lives of Hollywood stars might look easy, but one popular starlet has recently proven that struggles affect us all, whether we are blue collar workers or stars of a hit TV show. Blonde beauty and actress Jaime Pressly is in the midst of living out a string of stressful incidents in the eyes of the media.

Grammer Not Getting off Easy in Divorce: Camille Fights for More

It's been a story plastered all over the media: Kelsey Grammer, 55, is moving on from his third marriage and straight into his fourth. The public has become familiar with Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife through the hit TV program "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and for regular viewers of the show, it should be no surprise that the feisty star is not taking the split lying down.

Longoria vs. Parker Equals California vs. Texas Divorce

Celebrity divorces not only attract a media blitz, but they actually open up an opportunity to teach the general public about family law and how different states treat family issues in court. In the case of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, we are faced with a sort of déjà vu related to Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' recent Texas divorce.


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