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Determining the length of time someone will receive alimony

When two people are getting divorced, the topic of spousal support or alimony may be discussed, particularly when one spouse makes a request to receive it. Following this request, courts may examine certain factors and determine if the requesting party will receive spousal support or not. Oftentimes, when spousal support is awarded to one spouse, it is to help the one who is the lower or non-wage earner maintain the standard of living that they had during the marriage.

Why an attorney can assist when you request spousal support

When two people are divorcing, there are many issues that can arise that may make the process quickly turn from easy to difficult. Along with the discussion of dividing property and child support, spousal support could also be a topic to discuss should one spouse request it.

How courts determine the amount of alimony a spouse receives

When getting divorced, couples will discuss various issues with their attorneys including spousal support. This specific topic will be brought up after one spouse makes the request to receive alimony from the other spouse. It is common for one party to request alimony, especially if they made the decision to not work and stay home to support the family, while the other worked. While alimony is awarded in an attempt to limit the financial effects of divorce, there is much to be examined before it can be awarded to the spouse requesting it.

What is spousal support and which spouse is it awarded to?

When two people are going through the process of getting a divorce, they are to divide any assets that they may have acquired during their marriage. In some divorces, the residual assets may be enough for each spouse to live off, but in others it may not. When this happens, one party may requestspousal supportt, also known as spousal maintenance or alimony.

Lump sum alimony

When a Texas couple files for divorce, it is highly likely that one spouse may ultimately be ordered to pay alimony to the other spouse. Usually, the spouse will make monthly payments until they have paid the full amount that was agreed upon in the divorce decree. However, some spouses may have the option to pay lump sum alimony.


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