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Texas Supreme Court to hear arguments for same-sex divorce

Texas voters have approved a ban on same-sex marriage, but what about same-sex divorce? The state Supreme Court is set to hear two cases, one from Austin and one from Dallas, that seek divorces for two same-sex couples whose legal unions were established in Massachusetts.

NBA star's child support dispute goes back to trial judge

Houston residents who follow the lives of NBA stars on and off the court may have seen headlines about the ongoing child support dispute involving Steve Nash and his ex-wife Alejandra. The Laker point guard and his former spouse have three children together, and Alejandra is seeking a child support modification that Steve says may end up spoiling his kids.

Is ex-wife of wrongfully convicted man entitled to compensation?

Both family law and criminal law experts across the nation currently have their eyes on Texas as a first-of-its-kind property division case is currently making its way through the state court system. Here, the issue being explored is whether former spouses of exonerated prison inmates are entitled to any portion of the money granted to them by the state as compensation for their wrongful conviction.

Higher poverty risk for Texas children of single-parent homes

For single parents in Texas, trying to balance raising a child with bringing in an income can be incredibly difficult. Being present and supportive for the child can be difficult while also trying to secure an income to provide clothes, food, school supplies, health care, child care and everything else.


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