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Common uses for money received from child support

When child support is awarded to one parent, it is not unusual for each parent to assume that it may only be used when supplying their child with clothes, food and shelter. With these items being necessities, it is easy to see why parents may be under the impression that certain items should not be purchased with money that is supposed to be for taking care of the child. What people don't know is that there are many things that these payments could cover that parents may not think to use child support money to purchase.

Why you should request to change your child support order

When a parent is awarded custody of their child, it is common for the other parent to have to pay child support. The courts decide upon the amount of child support that is to be paid by evaluating certain criteria. Even though these criteria may result in a parent paying a certain amount in child support, this doesn't mean they will have to continue to pay that specific amount every month.

What are the legal requirements for marriage?

When it comes to family law, there are various areas that may require a person to obtain the services of a lawyer. Although some people dealing with certain family law issues may not necessarily need a lawyer, they have the right to consult with one. It could be for something as difficult as two parents battling for custody over their children or as simple as marriage.

States find joint-custody to be the best option for children

As the divorce rate in the United States continues to climb, so does the number of family law cases that courts are seeing. As the family law cases increase, more parents will be seen in the court rooms fighting for custody over their children. Although many parents don't want to share custody of their children, it was recently pointed out that in some states, such as Wisconsin, the courts feel that joint custody is the best arrangement.

Changes in custody arrangements

As Texas parents who are going through a divorce may know, child custody is granted by the court and aims at providing what is best for the child. As time passes, parental circumstances may change. For instance, the custodial parent may not be able to take care of the child, or the noncustodial parent may find the visitation schedule difficult to meet. In such circumstances, one or both parents may wish to make changes to the original custody order. This may be done, but a new court order is needed.


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