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Paternity Archives

Father of Halle Berry's Child Wants Paternity Established

While this is a celebrity story, it's a relatively tame and refreshing one. Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, 44, and model Gabriel Aubry dated for a couple of years before deciding to have a child together. And in 2008, they welcomed a daughter into the world.

Could Texas Sex Education Programs Save the Future of Families?

Sex education within public schools has been a hot topic for several years now. Whether abstinence or safe sex should be taught separates passionate parents, political pundits and religious leaders. Maybe there is a middle ground: Not only do two new Texas programs do away with those two limited focuses, but they actually are doing so in what seems to be an effective way for teens.

Why Paternity Didn't Matter in Texas Child Custody Case: Part Two

The last post ended with a question about a recent ruling in a Texas family law case. A non-biological father was granted custody of his daughter after a judge decided it was the best decision for the child in the middle of the family dispute. The grandmother believes that because a paternity test proved that Mr. G. is not the father, then the child should be placed with a blood-related relative. But why did the judge rule otherwise?

Why Paternity Didn't Matter in Texas Child Custody Case: Part One

It is general knowledge that courts have often favored mothers in family law disputes involving the wellbeing of children. But a move toward protecting fathers' rights has been on the rise and worked to award more fathers the chance to care for their children after being given a fair shot in child custody cases.

Paternity Lawsuit Ends Favorably for Mother

Family law is an ever-changing field as time passes because the norms of starting a family are changing. A lesbian mother from California who recently fought a paternity suit is a prime example of today's progressive family. In order to keep identities private, we will not use names, but the mother wanted to have a child through artificial insemination and, therefore, found a willing donor.


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