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Child Custody Archives

Study: Child Custody Decisions are Dangerously Made

Family law cases create the necessity for crucial, life-altering decisions to be made regarding the future of innocent children. Those decisions are often left to outside professionals when, for example, a couple cannot come to a child custody agreement and the court requires that a professional determine the suitability of each parent in a case involving domestic violence.

Will Texas Law Allow Family to Annul Their Dead Son's Marriage?

Thomas Araguz, 30, was a Texas firefighter who sadly died on the job this Fourth of July. He was lucky to have found love more than once in his short lifetime. His first marriage ended in divorce, but he later moved on to marry Nikki Araguz, who is now his widow. Or is she? 

Texas Child Custody Dispute Turns Deadly

Family law is as personal as law gets. Divorce and child custody disputes, therefore, often result in extreme emotions, hostility and even violence. That is the case of a Texas father who plotted a violent plan in order to gain custody of his child.

Do the Mel Gibson Tapes Prove He Should Not Retain Child Custody?

The tapes of super celebrity Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are currently a staple of nearly every news program. Many are disgusted by Gibson's alleged hateful, derogatory comments, and those who were always fans of the "Braveheart" hero hope that the tapes are not real. A Texas forensic tape analyst says that the recordings could be altered, but it ultimately is up to a judge to determine the validity of the tapes and whether they are admissible in family law court.

Is Jesse James' Post-Divorce Move to Texas Caring or Creepy?

It's the never-ending love-gone-bad story of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. One might think that with their Texas divorce being finalized weeks ago and Bullock publically asking if everyone could just move on, that the saga would be over. James, however, is making a move--literally--that places their story back in the forefront of the news.

From Texas Divorce to Child Custody Fight to World-Wide Manhunt

A Texas mother, Diana Huynh, does not know where her child and ex-husband are. She is desperate to get her boy Eitan home to her in Plano, Texas, and away from his father who is currently the target of an international manhunt for violating child custody laws.


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