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Why does standard of living affect the amount of alimony?

Alimony is a common issue that couples discuss when they make the decision to get divorced. In some marriages, there is one spouse who earns a higher wage than the other, especially in cases where one spouse has decided to stay at home and support the family instead of working a full-time job. Like many legal matters, in order for someone to receivealimony, there is a process that must be followed before courts can order someone to make these payments to their former spouse.

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

People may assume that when a couple is going through a divorce that there are many nasty disputes that will take place. The truth is that it is possible for two people to simply agree to divorce and not have any left over issues to discuss prior to the divorce being granted. If a couple does not have any disputes to resolve, their divorce is considered uncontested.

Man pays alimony that is higher than his monthly income

One common issue couples going through a divorce will dispute over is alimony. One spouse may feel they should not have to pay anything, while the other spouse may disagree. With the decision being left up to the court, chances are that one spouse will be unhappy with the results. Even though there are certain things that are examined when deciding how much a former spouse will receive monthly in alimony, the amount decided upon may not always seems like a fair payment to the paying spouse.

What are common matters discussed during a divorce?

As the years go by, the divorce rate in the United States continues to increase. Some people may be under the impression that simply filing and signing divorce papers means the end to all of their issues with their spouse, but that is not the case. Due to the various matters needing to be discussed during a divorce, the process is rarely easy for the parties involved.

Survey says Facebook leads to arguments and divorce

A lot of Texas couples that are divorcing might have Facebook to blame, according to the results of a recent survey. The survey, which looked at answers to social media-related questions from 2,000 married British people, found that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat were causing a lot of conflict in marriages.

Home loan applications and divorces in Texas

When Texas residents decide to refinance their home or to purchase a new one, they will need to fill out a home loan application. On the application, they will need to list their monthly income. There is a warning included on home loan applications about providing information that is false. People sometimes ignore this statement and misrepresent their monthly income or net worth only to have that come back later to damage them in a divorce.

Josh Hamilton files divorce petition

Josh Hamilton, a former professional baseball player with the Texas Rangers, filed for divorce from his wife in February. The divorce petition was filed in Tarrant County after the couple had been married for 11 years. 'Discord or conflict of personalities between Petitioner and Respondent" was listed as the reason in the divorce petition.

Tax liability after a Texas divorce

Some people have the unpleasant surprise of receiving a large tax bill from the IRS after they divorce because of their former spouse's dishonesty in how the tax return was prepared. In the event that a person's marriage is rocky, they should take preventative steps to make certain they do not fall victim to possible future tax liability due to their spouse's actions.

Updating beneficiary designations because of divorce

Texas residents whose marriages are ending might want to consider updating their beneficiary designations before filing for divorce. Once the petition has been filed, spouses will not be permitted to make changes to beneficiary designations on certain types of financial accounts until after their divorce is finalized.


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