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What are the various methods you may use to divorce? Part 1

In general, there are four "categories" of divorce. Each divorce is unique, and each of these methods are utilized in unique ways, but they are dividable into these types: do-it-yourself divorce, mediated divorce, collaborative divorce, and litigated divorce. This post will discuss the pros and cons of a do-it-yourself divorce and litigated divorce. Each of these methods are polar extremes of one another, and the contrasts of each method will elucidate the benefits and detractions of each.

Some advice for couples that divorce later in life

Divorce is complicated and traumatic at any age. But the problems compound the longer your marriage lasts. For people who divorce at age 50 or older, the dubbed "gray divorce," the problems are even more complicated. You now need to divide assets and incomes while at the same time doubling expenses. Your opportunity to rejoin the workforce is limited and the lifestyle you were expecting to enjoy in your "golden years" now vanishes.

Five Ways that a Divorce can Impact Your Credit, Part 2

Divorce can balloon into several different but related problems, most commonly credit issues, and bankruptcy. As discussed in a previous post, these issues are serious but are manageable with quick and decisive action. This post will continue with the final three tips on ways to protect your credit during a divorce.

Five ways that a divorce can impact your credit, part 1

Disentangling a jointly run life is messy, expensive and complicated; there is no other way around it. Unfortunately, that could mean that your credit score will take a hit as you begin taking control of your financial security. This post will go over the five most common ways your credit could be affected by a recent divorce.

Financial tips for the recently divorced

Divorce implicates far more than splitting with your former spouse. It implicates asset division, shared parenting time with children, retirement, and even financial difficulty. Unfortunately, many people who divorce go through other forms of financial turmoil. It is an unfortunate side-effect of divorce. Here are seven tips to help you through any financial issues after a recent divorce.

Divorce Mediation: An Alternative to Divorce?

Divorce mediation has been making some waves recently as a viable alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. A variety of studies show that mediation can save clients significant sums, that it is faster, and easier on the family emotionally and spiritually. A recent article published online compiled these findings.

Don McLean divorces after 30 years

Don McLean, the singer songwriter famous for the song 'American Pie', and his wife after 30 years have finalized their divorce. The divorce comes on the heels of a very rocky past few years. McLean was arrested for allegedly being involved in domestic violence with his former spouse.


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