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Divorce does not have to mean disaster for kids

For many parents in Texas, there will be sleepless nights in anticipation of telling their child that mom and dad are getting divorced. Many parents fear that the child will invariably be irreparably damaged by the spilt. However, many studies find that this is inaccurate. While divorce will not necessarily be easy for children, it does not have to be permanently damaging the way many parents in Texas fear.

Money matters can place serious strain on marriages

The shifting gender norms witnessed across our country in the preceding decades have manifested themselves in several forms. These shifting norms have changed the makeup of work environments, the makeup of homes and also the makeup of divorce trends. No longer is it only men being ordered to pay women alimony, or women being awarded full custody of children in cases of divorce in Texas. Divorce decrees are being issued to couples with splits and settlements that are far more varied than they were even just a few decades ago.

In-law relationships could be one indicator of marital harmony

According to a 26-year longitudinal study conducted by a psychologist and research professor from University of Michigan, an individual's relationship with the in-laws can actually be rather telling. After following 373 couples over the course of the study, the author of this study found that there were some interesting correlations between divorce rates and relationships with an individual's spouse's parents.


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