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Posts tagged "same-sex marriage"

Former same-sex couple battle over visitation rights in Texas

A battle for visitation rights is unfolding in Dallas between two women that were formerly partners. The couple was together in a committed relationship for seven years when they decided to raise a child together. One woman carried and birthed the child, but then about a year after the little boy was born, the couple split up.

Texas judge rules in favor of transgender man in divorce case

In recent years, the passionate debate regarding same-sex marriage and divorce has occupied the discussions of people in Texas and around the country. It's an emotional, personal and often religious matter that is in the crucial process of being ironed out throughout or country.

Texas father blames prejudice for "unfair" child custody ruling

When parents go to court to argue a family law issue, it is commonly a very emotional process. A court's decision means the difference between a parent gaining custody over his or her children or not. There is a lot on the line, and when a ruling goes against a parent's wishes, it is not surprising that he or she would be upset.

Same-sex couples in Texas plan New York nuptials

In previous posts on this blog, we have discussed the controversial issue of same-sex marriage and divorce in the state of Texas. Unlike some states, Texas lawmakers and voters have worked hard to keep the definition of marriage in the state as a union between a man and a woman.

Texas considers revoking marriage rights of transgendered people

Most states let transgendered people marry. Texas is one of these states - for now. For example, once a man undergoes an official sex change to become a woman, marrying a man is possible as long as a court order verifies the sex change. Now, that family law in the state is possibly about to change.

Did pastor help in same-sex child custody kidnapping scandal?

We have discussed heated child custody battles on this family law blog before. And usually, those involved in such family law dilemmas are only parents. But in a child custody case that has garnered national attention, a pastor is now required to testify in court, as he is suspected of wrongdoing surrounding the kidnapping of a child.

Texas Appeals Court Upholds Same-Sex Divorce

On Dec. 16, we shared a post about a controversial Texas divorce case with a nationally notable theme at its center: same-sex marriage. Actually, the case more specifically has to do with same-sex divorce, but in the eyes of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, whether same-sex divorce should be valid in the state depends on the state's laws regarding same-sex marriage.

Texas Appeals Court to Decide on Gay Divorce

"Discrimination against gays and lesbians is really the last area in which state government openly discriminates against its citizens," says an attorney for two women in Texas' 3rd Court of Appeals. A state attorney representing the Attorney General Greg Abbott is challenging a judge's ruling made earlier this year that granted a lesbian couple a divorce.

Texas Court Tells Same-Sex Couple That Divorce is Not an Option

Under Texas law, a marriage is not legal if it is not a union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriages are not recognized in the state. That debate has gone on within the state for some time, and voters chose to ban gay marriage in 2005.


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