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Inconsistent rules lead to confusion in military child custody cases

Many young families in Texas value serving their country in the military. While this decision once meant that these families could move forward with their lives and feel more secure, with more and more deployments, especially to Iraq and Afghanistan, these families are feeling the strain. For many soldiers, surviving deployment doesn't mean their marriage will survive. Many find instead of getting a warm welcome upon return, they are faced with an epic and confusing battle regarding child custody. Regardless of military status of either parent, the court's main responsibility in every state is to find the best child custody arrangement for a child. As honorable as it is to serve one's country, long deployments of one parent are bound to make most children build a closer bond with the other parent. However, in at least one recent case, a soldier returned only to find his wife and child had relocated to another state, with his wife forbidding him from seeing the child.

Federal plan to protect U.S. soldiers in family law court

United States military men and women serve the country to protect our best interests, so why shouldn't our government work to prevent their best interests while they are risking their lives? That is what certain lawmakers are asking in regards to family law decisions made based on service members' demanding military careers.

Texas Bill Salutes Military Parents' Rights to Child Custody

The decisions made in family law are often complex and difficult. You are deciding the future path of your family and likely creating your vision of what your life will be from scratch. That's not an easy task. But at least those decisions are somewhat in your control, and maybe you even initiated the divorce.


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