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Military pensions bring extra confusion to divorce

The financial matters related to divorce can be difficult, and a spouse's service in the military can make things even more complicated. One of the things that influences many to withstand the challenges is the promise of a sizable military pension, which can become central if a divorce happens and the couple faces the often sensitive process of property division. With the number of military families in Texas, there are many here who face these issues firsthand. The law regarding military divorce is that a spouse is entitled to half of the value accrued by the pension during the time the couple was married. However, actually getting this property division to happen can get tricky. The Wall Street Journal outlines some basic tips and points about military divorce and the financial aspects of this more complex process.

Texas county exemplifies February's high divorce rate

It's already been a week since Valentine's Day. Hopefully, the day brought you and your loved one some much needed romance and fun. Maybe you even got engaged or said "I do" on the national day of romance. Love is not in the air, however, for everyone on the supposedly special day.

With troops coming home, more military homes turn to divorce

It is undoubtedly good news that troops are coming home from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That means that more and more American servicemembers are safe at home. Their families can breathe heavy sighs of relief that they are reunited with their brave loved ones.

Married to the military: Military women divorce at higher rate

Now working in Texas for an organization that supports female military veterans, one female veteran has had to work hard to get accustomed to her post-military life. Part of that new life was divorce. She had been married to a fellow service member, but they divorced when he reportedly had an extramarital affair.


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